Cool It

I have just discovered this book, though I did see a great presentation a couple of days ago on BookTV by the author, Bjorn Lomborg. For me his approach is balanced, thoughtful and well-researched. His premise is that “we are not thinking the problem through correctly and are, in fact, lost in a kind of green fog about how best to deal with global warming and other major environmental threats.”

I haven’t read the book yet, but will get it as soon as possible. His lecture contained a great deal of the content of the published book, and I was impressed with how he fielded questions from the audience. More later on my impression of the book, once I read it, but to date it promises to be one of the more thorough treatments on the subject of global warming.

You can buy the book here! (Note: This is not an affiliate link, just a link.)

Bjorn Lomborg certainly has the credentials to qualify as a authoritative writer on the subject. You can learn more about him and read an excerpt from his book at His Website.