The purpose of this blog is to host an ongoing, open-minded, non-hysterical discussion of issues surrounding the global warming debate. Here we will feature articles, books, blogs and websites that offer a less popular perspective than what is normally seen in today’s major media outlets.

My interest in this subject stems from the fact that I basically split my residential status between Pensacola, Florida and Oahu, Hawaii, two coastal areas that certainly would suffer from the increased impacts of sea-rise and hurricane activity. At the same time, I am not convinced that global warming is either, in totality, a man-made phenomenon or an event that is other than a natural cycle of the earth’s ecosystem.

The unfortunate aspect of the debate about global warming is that it has morphed into something that can almost be described as a religion, with which follows a steady stream of fanatics and irrational, violent reactionaries. It is my belief that we should attempt to fully understand global climate change before we insist on short-sighted and ill-informed radical solutions.

Topics will include discussion about the possible causes of global warming, global warming trends, effects of global warming, scientific research, and expert opinion.

It is not intended that this become a forum for screeching expletives, name-calling or the politics of destruction in general. It is instead intended to be a source for well-reasoned, factual and informed content on the subject of global warming.

Bob Butterworth,


2 Responses to “About”

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