By Bjorn Lomborg

“Gore and others often argue that if the science of climate change concludes that CO2 emissions are harmful, it follows that we should stop those harmful emissions, and that we are morally obliged to do so. But this misses half the story.”

Bjorn Lomborg

Bjorn Lomborg

DISCUSSIONS about global warming are marked by an increasing desire to stamp out “impure” thinking, to the point of questioning the value of democratic debate. But shutting down discussion simply means the disappearance of reason from public policy.

In March, Al Gore’s science adviser and prominent climate researcher Jim Hansen proclaimed that when it comes to dealing with global warming, the “democratic process isn’t working”. Although science has demonstrated that CO2 from fossil fuels is heating the planet, politicians are unwilling to follow his advice and stop building coal-fired power plants.

Hansen argues that “the first action that people should take is to use the democratic process. What is frustrating people, me included, is that democratic action affects elections, but what we get then from political leaders is greenwash.”

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by Keith Johnson, Wall Street Journal Online


The Goreacle has spoken–again.

Former Vice President Al Gore repeated his message that climate change is a planetary emergency at the WSJ’s Eco:nomics conference in California. The Nobel-prize winner declined to take any questions from reporters, but he did receive a couple of challenges from attendees, including Bjorn Lomborg. But don’t expect Mr. Gore to debate the merits of how best to tackle climate change anytime soon.

Mr. Gore stuck to his prepared script about the urgency of taking action to curb global greenhouse-gas emissions, down to well-worn phrases he trots out at conferences across the country: America is at “a political tipping point” on climate change, and even if Washington has failed to address the energy challenge in the last 35 years, “political will is a renewable resource.”

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Cool It

I have just discovered this book, though I did see a great presentation a couple of days ago on BookTV by the author, Bjorn Lomborg. For me his approach is balanced, thoughtful and well-researched. His premise is that “we are not thinking the problem through correctly and are, in fact, lost in a kind of green fog about how best to deal with global warming and other major environmental threats.”

I haven’t read the book yet, but will get it as soon as possible. His lecture contained a great deal of the content of the published book, and I was impressed with how he fielded questions from the audience. More later on my impression of the book, once I read it, but to date it promises to be one of the more thorough treatments on the subject of global warming.

You can buy the book here! (Note: This is not an affiliate link, just a link.)

Bjorn Lomborg certainly has the credentials to qualify as a authoritative writer on the subject. You can learn more about him and read an excerpt from his book at His Website.